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BRANDS that Use
OR Have Used
AD Trucks.

Coca Cola
H&R Block
Anheuser Busch
General Electric
Dunkin Donuts
Time Warner
Jack in the Box
Ford Motors
MGM Grand
Wells Fargo
Budweiser & Bud Light
Ross Stores
Cricket Wireless
The Gap
Nature Valley
Wal Mart & Sam's Club
JP Morgan Chase Bank
AT&T Wireless
Kentucky Fried Chicken
DSW Shoe Warehouse
Sears Roebuck
Wachovia Bank
The Vitamin Shoppe
Nationwide Insurance
A & M Records.
Under Armor, Inc.
More to Come...

Mobile People + Mobile Devices + Mobile ADs + Mobile Vehicles = AD Synergy

Mobile AD Marketing is the Starbucks of Mobile Ad Space. With over 300,000 vehicles coast to coast in virtually every Media Market in the United States, they've amassed the Largest and Widest network in America. With an Arsenal of large fleets like Roadway, Yellow and Swift & hundreds of smaller delivery Fleets. Having been featured on web properties such as Forbes, Wachovia, Hoovers, Merrill Lynch, and Media Post and having launched the “Tale of the Whale” National Tour (From Seattle, WA to New York) where they the Outdoor DEC Media Record for a single day (1 Million views) in L.A.  As a Vehicular Media Broker for many Players in the Mobile/Transit Industry - There is no order they cannot fill.

The Fact is, some of the most successful companies in America (Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Mcdonalds) have employed “Fleet or Truck-Side Advertising” for years. So, maybe it's time to add your Brand to this prestigious list. Your Space is Waiting... (See New Ebook "OUR Mobile Universe" HERE)

Imagine, having your Ads on every Fed Ex, UPS or Walmart Truck you see this week!

In the Mobile Universe we find ouselves in - Out of Home (OOH) is where the 80% Mobile World goes every day to earn a living and buy the things you sell. 5-6 days a week, they're driving and walking and noticing anything interesting they may see that day. Ready to capture any AD in any Media that can be purchased or saved for later.
THE FACTS and STATS (See Our Video - "The Last Captive Audience In America")
Imagine, having your ADs on every Fed Ex, UPS or Walmart Truck you see this week!

REACH / IMPRESSIONS (See New Ebook "OUR Mobile Universe" HERE)
* Outdoor Media Reaches 95% Percent of U.S. Consumers, over half the American people on any given day.
* Truck Side Marketing programs offer you the ability to Advertise 8-10 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week.
* 18 million annual impressions generated by a truck in a DMA market of more than 5 million people.
* Box-van trucks generate - 6.4 million impressions a yr. The average is around 80,000 Impressions a day.
* Typical Semi Trailers travel 125,000 miles a year gaining 24,000,000+ impressions annually per vehicle.
* With as few as 4 to 14 AD Trucks in most DMA’s you can reach 3% to 50% of the population on a daily basis.
* The price of an Ad Truck is 2 to 3 times cheaper than a Billboard. These AD Trucks drive past dozens of billboards a day!
* MAM vehicles can achieve 85% reach and 20x "frequency" each month - Advt. Publications Research Corp.

( Impact ratings of Mobile Media Trucks scored higher than all other Outdoor Combined - Thibodeaux Res.)
* Impact rating of Mobile Media Trucks were higher than all forms of advertising.
* Mobile billboard displays boost name recognition 15 X greater than other advertising.
* 96% Percent of respondents who felt AD Trucks had more impact than traditional billboard advertising.
* 98% Percent of respondents who felt truck side ads created a positive image for the sponsor.
* 91% of all people notice truck advertising, 75% affect their buying habits from truck advertising - Beverage World
* These AD Trucks become low cost "impression machines" generating new customers daily.
* 91% of audience notices words and images on AD Trucks.
* 97% remember Truck Side ads vs. only 19% for Billboards. | More OOH Findings, Facts and Statistics Here
100 AD Trucks | 6 Month Campaign | Top 10 Metro Markets | 900 Million - 1.5 Billion Impressions.

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