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96% (Highest) Reach

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The Facts and Stats on Mobile Outdoor Advertising...

  • Outdoor Media Reaches 96% Percent of US Consumers.
  • Nearly 150 Million Americans Commute Every Business Day.
  • Average American Travels 15,000 Milers Per Year. (300 miles wk)
  • Average American Spends 20 plus hours a week in a vehicle.
  • Average Truckside AD Reach (DEC) is 50,000 per day.
  • Average CPM Rate for Truckside Advert is around $1.50!
  • Average Delivery Truck Makes 16 Mil. Impressions a Year.

A New AD Trend - Mobile Billboards / Truckside Advertising

In an American Truckers Association Study, 91% of People Notice Mobile Boards. (Download Our Brochure)

New “Mobile AD Marketing” Media Benefits

  • Cuts thru Advertising Noise and Clutter.
  • Get Your Ad Noticed 91% of the Time.
  • Utilize our unique pracitcal consumer inter-active edge.
  • Create Significant Savings to Your Clients. top

MAM is a fresh alternative to many outdated, aged and inattentive advertising mediums. We focus on absolute innovation and to deliver a mass viewing audience to our clients by offering one of the hottest and greatest untapped marketing mediums available.

MAM has Mobile Billboards which can travel hundreds of miles each day or around a city block. The end result is millions of new eyes examining our customer's ads every few days. top

MAM Currently has some 300,000 Trailers Signed Up all Across America and pending deals with some of the biggest names in Domestic Freight Transportation.

AMERICANS Will Travel 3 Trillion Miles This Year...

And We'll Be Right There Beside Them...

Advertising and Marketing in a Mobile Age... The Current Advertising Dilema

It is Estimated that the AVERAGE American is exposed to some 3,000 ADs a day.To avoid the ad noise people throw their mail unopened into the garbage. Magazines sit around the house unread. Newspapers pile up until thrown out. When an ad comes on TV, consumers channel surf or head to the kitchen. If You Factor in other major media such as radio, online, cinema, point -of- purchase and the increase in new media outlets, the story only gets worse. Media Advertising keeps getting more and more expensive. Risk rises with the expense, requiring the return on risk to be greater. top

Advertising Media / R.O.I.

When you invest in media, you need a higher and higher return. If you run an ad on Oprah, you need a big payoff. The increase in revenue, however, isn't commensurate with the increased risk and may not be justified. Over the years millions have been spent in creating a brand. Advertisers use interruption marketing to draw attention to their product and to create differentiation for their product. They have continued to use interruption marketing in spite of the increasing noise in the marketplace, making differentiation a zero-sum, advertising based game. Unfortunately, the less the public pays attention, the harder advertisers try to get the consumers attention, creating more noise in the market place. The overflowing clutter and growth have made interruption marketing almost worthless. And yet, advertisers rely almost solely on interruption. "One product after another is fading away, for the simple reason: the ads can't pay for themselves anymore." Seth Godin, The Purple Cow

These Advertising Trends are what make MAM such a Needed Alternative. top

Edge (Mobile) Marketing

"Being remarkable is the shortcut to growth." Edge marketing is getting away from center. It's going to the edge where you can be seen. You want someone to willing make a remark about your product. And, when they do you have become remarkable. "Being distinctly different, and therefore remarkable what matters. People talk, and word spreads - success follows. (Seth Godin - The Purple Cow) Top

Advertising Overview / Advertising Trends

In the past 5 years, Billboards and Outdoor Advertising have grown in popularity. Part of the reason is - Billboard costs are lower, there is no cost to the consumer. They don't have to buy a paper, a magazine or cable TV. Outdoor ads cost 80% less than television commercials, 60% less than newspapers, and 50% less than radio ads - and even though billboards are seen as a non disruptive way to reach the public, they are also adding to the advertising clutter. And unfortunately, after a very short period of time, they blend into the landscape, making them ineffective. To solve this problem, advertisers want you to replace or rotate your ad every few months. Advertising agencies recommend you change your signage throughout the year, adding to the cost of using billboards. top

COMBINE THIS ...The Average American Travels 15,000 Miles a Year.

With ...The Transportation of more than $6 Trillion Worth of Freight!

Outdoor AdvertisingNational Outdoor Advertising Out-of-door Advertising

And What Do You Have?... Modern Advertising Destiny!

Mobile Ad Marketing

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