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"Marketing (to) Las Vegas" What's in The Guide?

This Free PDF Brochure is a Collection of Resources and Information gathered for the purpose of Assisting in all your Las Vegas Marketing Decisions. It has been produced by Mobile Ad Marketing of Las Vegas.

OVERVIEW (All the Important Facts, Data and Stats about the Las Vegas Marketplace)

  • Las Vegas General Statistics (39 Million Visitors in 2006, 330,000 a month,11,000 a day)
  • The Numbers (Businesses, Rooms, Casinos, Shows, Restaurants, Events, etc…)
  • Tourism Profiles (Gathered from 3500 random Visitors Interviews)
  • Tourism Spending Charts * Retail Data (MarketView)
  • Commercial Property Data (MarketView)

The Las Vegas Numbers _ Sampling

  • Number of Business – 78,000
  • Number of Hotels and Motels  - 353
  • Number of Dining Establishments – 559
  • Number of Shows – 377
  • Number of Rooms – 151,000

Overview | The Stakes and Market Share

The City of Las Vegas is a Marketers dream, Where, the phrase “build it and they will come” seems to be coming more true every day, on the one hand you have the fastest growing city in the United States, where entire neighborhoods, commercial properties and high rise condominiums are being built at a staggering rate to accommodate the 8,000 new residents a month and on the other –you have the “Entertainment Capital of the World” - a place where roughly 39 million visitors came last year to frolic in one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet.

The Stakes are high in such a Marketplace and the Opportunity for Marketers immense.

For the past few years, the advertising Industry has been undergoing a radical shift in its’ ability to reach and influence consumers. Because of factors such as media fragmentation and clutter – traditional media is suffering from the effects of shrinking audiences and more unheeded messages – all contributing to put traditional media is in a state of turmoil and confusion – while the costs have gone steadily up …

Now for some good news, according to Time and Business Week magazine, Outdoor Media is experiencing a boom only rivaled by the internet. Outdoor media reaches 96% of the population and Mobile Outdoor media has an amazing 97% retention rate. If you combine these two pieces if information you have a promotion tool unequaled in America Media.

A Few Outdoor Stats

  • Outdoor Media Reaches 97% of the American Population.
  • “96% of respondents say mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising.”
  •  “Nearly 30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they would base a buying decision on the mobile ads they see.”
  •  “Outdoor media play a vital role in the media mix by reaching consumers missed by other media and enhancing the exposure of other media.”