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Outdoor Advertising

The Facts and Stats on Mobile Outdoor Advertising...

  • Outdoor Media Reaches 96% Percent of US Consumers.
  • Some 150 Million Americans Commute Every Business Day.
  • The Average American Travels 15,000 Milers a Year. (300 mls a wk)
  • The Average American Spends 20 plus hours a week in a vehicle.
  • The Average Truckside AD Reach (DEC) is 50,000 per day.
  • The Average CPM Rate for Truckside Advert is around $1.50!
  • The Average Delivery Truck Makes 16 Mil. Impressions a Year.

Advertising and Marketing in a Mobile Age...

Advertising Trends

Advertising Overview / Advertising Trends

In the past 5 years, Billboards and Outdoor Advertising have grown in popularity. Part of the reason is - Billboard costs are lower, there is no cost to the consumer. They don't have to buy a paper, a magazine or cable TV. Outdoor ads cost 80% less than television commercials, 60% less than newspapers, and 50% less than radio ads - and even though billboards are seen as a non disruptive way to reach the public, they are also adding to the advertising clutter. And unfortunately, after a very short period of time, they blend into the landscape, making them ineffective. To solve this problem, advertisers want you to replace or rotate your ad every few months. Advertising agencies recommend you change your signage throughout the year, adding to the cost of using billboards. top


1. You determine what Market / Markets your client wants to be seen. Top
(Inner City, City to City, Statewide Routes or National Routes)

2. You Choose the Trailer Size and Trailer Quantity. (16 foot, 28 foot, 48 foot, 53 Foot etc...)

3. You Provide the Ad Graphics (2 Matching Sides / Backdoor is optional)

4. MAM Sets up Vinyl Creation, Panel Installation and Tracking Device.

5. Trailer Goes out and AD Impressions begin. (Average 450,000 - 500,000 per month)

Travel Trends

American are driving more. They spend an average of 15 hours per week in their car as commute times go up. Time spent in their car is triple the time spent reading the paper. If you think of your own experience when you are driving you can immediately understand the enticement of something to look at besides dull landscapes and bumper to bumper traffic. Our ads get noticed because they are unique mobile signs designed for impact.

Another bonus for those seeking the attention of young men age 18 to 34, they spend more time in the car than any other group, a total of 20 hours each week. And mega-milers, those who travel more than 260 miles a week are upscale, educated and far more likely to be employed full-time. (Arbitron National In-car Survey) Top


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